Instructor_ Annette Fierro
Course_ Architecture 502_ Design Studio II
Semester_ Spring 2011

Arrhythmia is a term for a condition in which there is abnormal activity in the heart.  The heart beat may be too fast or too slow, and may be regular or irregular.  Originally a study of water boiling this project has lead to the flows of people and water across the site, each of which is being mapped with its own unique attributes.  By cataloguing people using their heart rate it is possible to design a project that will both act as a gateway to the Schuylkill River as well as a bathhouse and water treatment system.  The flow of water has many rates, from the slow movement of a wet meadow to the fast moving rocky glenn.  People have the same range from sitting and watching to running through the site.  Using the flow of water across the site it is possible to layer movements above it, creating paths for each of these individuals but also creating intersections where paths can change.