Whitewater Rafting

Parents please read at your own risk.

In our few days here we have seen many amazing and new things but the most obvious and constant is the traffic. It is not the density or traffic jams or speed, it is the ingenuity of what you can do with a motorbike.

Before we even landed JD asked what side of the road do they drive on? The answer we would soon realize is whatever side they want to.


The streets are full of motorbikes, scooters, tuk tuks (motorcycle with a rickshaw on the back), food trucks (motorcycle with a food stand as a side car), delivery trucks ( you guessed it, motorcycle with a trailer) and a strange amount of Land Rovers. It is more like a river than traffic. The cars all just seem to flow past each other, so much so that we have only seen one accident while we have been here. There is constant honking, not in anger but because a honk signals that I have priority and am coming through. If you are traveling the wrong way down a street you can do that but you don't have priority. Other than that it seems to go cars, tuk tuks, motorbikes, bikes and finally pedestrians. Hopefully this video gives you a better sense of the flow we are talking about.

You might see this crazy flow of traffic and think there are just no rules. It is a major city of course there are rules. Some of the favorites we have learned are that  a passenger on a motorbike is not allowed to wear a helmet and if you drive with your headlights on at night you might get a ticket. These seem backwards but the reason for getting a ticket is not really based in the severity of the rule breaking but how hungry the cop is.

We have also realized how underused our vehicles are in the states. Did you know you can easily fit four people on a motorbike along with groceries. Did you know school bus could be a tuk tuk with 28 children on it. Did you know that you can increase the cargo capacity of your van by leaving the back door open and just tying everything on. And don't worry there are still the comforts of home, a coffee to go comes with a handy carrying case so it can fit over your handle bars (it also made JD very happy).