What are these fractions??


Today was the day of details. Our shipping container was delivered to the construction site this morning with work ready to progress. One slight problem is that we have to figure out what that work actually is. So after a hearty breakfast of Pho Bo we set off to Building Trust International's office to get to work.

Shifting between white boards, sketchbooks and computers, we worked our way through multiple detail questions. We think we solved all of them, but no pressure, it's not like they are cutting the walls off the container at 7am tomorrow.

In addition to negotiating the intricacies of Cambodian construction tolerances, we also had the slight issue of the metric system. After coming to grips with the 12mm gap between the floor and deck not actually being a concern, we got the hang of it. Every once in a while we would slip back into our old ways just to get blank stares from David. He kindly reminded us that the first set of drawings we sent, full of fractions, was kindly greeted with a "I don't know what this is!" and a raising of the hands in surrender. 

Despite spending 4 hours at the whiteboard detailing the winch and pulley systems, the day wasn't all details. Our late afternoon snack was provided by one of BTI's local staffers and included a few delicious deep fried crickets and tarantulas. They were a little over flavored for our liking, but not too bad. Patrick preferred the crickets and JD preferred to keep working. 

Tomorrow morning we will arrive on site to see the uncut container before we take it all apart. We'll draw the cuts on with chaulk and reassess our initial floor details, all while tightly crossing our fingers that it all goes, at least somewhat, according to the plan.