A New Year


Cambodia feels like it is worlds away. The hot, the dust and Thom all seem like a distant memory. But last night we we brought back to it with the first update on Moved2Care. 

Okay so it doesn't look like much has changed and you would be right. The project has been plagued by contractor issues since we left. This picture does give us hope. The first is that it has been moved and did not collapse. It also has two containers on its roof. It will be just fine. 

The second is that it is being moved to a new site with a new contractor so once again we are one small step closer to this clinic becoming a reality.

Even with this clinic moving slowing along things here stateside have not slowed down. If you noticed the web address continues to change. We are officially Ratio Partners. If anything it just makes us feel more official (and JD was tired of sending patrick.lp.morgan.com to all her friends). We are using this business attitude and submitting for grants to finish and build more of these clinics in Uganda, South Africa and maybe even here at home. Building Trust has also released their newest competition for a school in Mongolia and Shelter Global is looking for designs and ideas that address slum housing around the world so our brains are spinning on ways to create new winning designs.

Enough about architecture, since the whole idea of Ratio is that it is the realationship between two or more things JhaD presents ENERGY 6 on June 12th at the Oberon in Boston. This event is bigger than one paragraph will allow just know to clear your calendar and book your tickets.

Oh and JD continues her job at Sasaki, Simon is "back" at Marwood and I have moved onto Kieran Timberlake, so we should have tons of free time to do all of this.

Our website will continue to grow as these new projects become a reality.