Location | Lexington, KY
Status | Built

This 17’ wide house on East Third Street was first built in 1839.  Throughout its life it underwent many changes.  When it was bought in 2001 it had been painted yellow, had wagon wheels on the front porch along with two poorly built additions.  From this point on I have been involved in demolition, design, permitting and construction.  With this project in one of Lexington’s 15 historic districts I presented the design before the BOAR for approval and then met with building inspection to work out intricacies of the narrow lot. The final design preserves the original “L” house with exposed brick walls and thresholds.  The addition fits into the 3’6” gap between the existing building and the property line with a bedroom in the rear.  The narrow property line meant the addition of six skylights for natural light as well as a large storefront on the rear elevation due to fire code.  With most of the yard taken up by the addition a roof deck was added. The goal is that this addition will allow this little house to function for another 170 years.