Instructor | Brian Phillips
Course | Architecture 601_ Design Studio III
Semester | Fall 2011

Exhibited at Philadelphia Center for Architecture

“The city is full of excess energy and services, man’s living requirements today are easily satisfied, man need only a place to sleep, to have a wash, to work and to communicate.  The place he lives in, is not the house, it’s the city.” This quote summarizes the needs of a tech-nomad.  This is a person that because of technology and the city no longer needs to be burdened by belongings.  Andrew Hyde promoted this lifestyle with only 15 items.  The techno-scout is my answer to this proposal.  The Encampment is an urban fabric for living designed around this minimalist tech-nomad who requires nothing more than the basic living requirements and a place to charge. The 128 units will function off the city grid and maintain the technological connection required. Using the ideas found in a typical campground people will be able to gather and experience the city from a new perspective.