Instructor_ Ferda Koltan
Team Member_ Meagan Whetstone
Course_ Architecture 602_ Integrated Building Studio
Semester_ Spring 2012

Exhibited at C24 Gallery, New York, NY. Intricate Veils

For the American Turkish Society we investigated how motif of continuity in Islamic Art could be carried into a structural concept while simultaneously organizing loft-like art galleries.
Capitalizing on generative modeling software, we created three-dimensional tiles of mathematically-driven patterns. Unpacking our new patterns, what emerged was a network where the column held, rather than displaced, space. These column bundles allow light to filter through the multiple stories of the galleries and to create a visual connection between the floors.
Because our site sits on the threshold between massive warehouses and small art galleries, we wished to soften this threshold by augmenting our column grid to respond to the two scales. What resulted was a more permeable, social courtyard and a public, professional exterior. The structure becomes a continuous line, dynamically responding to different programs by altering the quality of light being allowed down through the column well while also bringing public program up through the plaza. The resulting light wells vertically connect the spaces, integrating the internal functions of the ATS and the interest of the art gallery passerby into a beautiful mixing space—giving the ATS new spaces to involve the community and host grand events.