Instructor_ Simon Kim
Course_ Architecture 502_ Design Studio II
Semester_ Spring 2011

This system was first developed on the small scale of a coffee kiosk where the IV bar linkage system created Ivy Bar.  On this small scale the bars were created based on the tasks of different users and their activities.  With the fixed lengths and a grid system these had the same limitations the human body has.  This system was the expanded to New York City to accommodate multiple programs on a larger site. The number of bars was increased for extra program and the lengths were determined based on varying activities.  This was modeled to show how these linkages can all be cranked together and that through this process the limitations of the system can be discovered.  By limiting the number of outcomes it is possible to discover the range of motion that allows program, site and circulation to work in harmony but it also shows how with varying outcomes this system can be used on numerous locations with different results.  It is possible to expand a single linkage, to the multiple to the flat plane and finally to the polygon.  This is then the program all based on the original fixed linkage.