Instructor | Katrin Mueller
Course | Architecture 726_Contemporary Furniture Design
Semester | Spring 2013

Exhibited at Model Citizens NYC during ICFF

The semester began by using styrene to determine the proper measurements of the chair.  For me the styrene was pulled over a typical chair and adjusted to hit my body at the proper locations.  This resulted in a chair that was suited for someone 6’3” tall.  As the process evolved the style of the chair became focused on its cantilever and finding the best way for this general form to relate to the human body.  The end result had the intention of reducing the amount of material needed to build a chair that was both structurally stable as well as retain its form.  Taking the process to an extreme the chair was reduced to a  single central spine with 15 ribs.  This then grew back to having three spines and 29 ribs.  These ribs of 3/4” white ash are all held in tension by the diagonal and central spines which were laser cut from 1/4” steel. The white ash was chosen for its light colors to contrast the structural steel as well as for its hard tight grain.