Instructor | Ali Rahim
Team Member | Alex Eney
Course | Architecture 701_ Urban Singularities
Semester | Fall 2012

Beginning as a study of mushroom coral, a natural system, we began to discover and model a range of qualities that could be manipulated and modified into a skyscraper.  This 350m skyscraper was designed for a new area on reclaimed land adjacent to Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong.  Combining the natural system with the city of Hong Kong the skyscraper began to reflect the dualities of the city.  Hong Kong is truly a city where east meets west, where old and new meet and which has a different understanding of public and private.  Where in the existing city these are separated into the shopping malls and the more traditional meat markets of Wan Chai, Urban Noise looks to knit these aspects together.  By creating a self similar facade with very subtle differences the goal is to show a dense network of streets that travels up and through this project and subtly melds back into the traditional office as it plunges through and peals away the regular facade.  All of these qualities also grow out of the landscape so that users from the older parts of the city are pulled into the project.  This pulling also opens up the ground plane behind creating an outdoor plaza for Central.