Team | Patrick Morgan, Simon Morgan + Jhanea Williams
Location | Cambodia
Status | Built

w(heal) was chosen as the winning professional entry in the Moved to Care international competition held by Building Trust International. In a region with an average of less than 1 physician per 4,000 individuals, the need for quality and broad ranging care is immense. While surgical issues such as infant deaths, life threatening injuries, and cancer treatment are a small portion of the clinic's medical burden, they are a large time burden for providers and an even more significant spatial burden as surgical equipment is cumbersome. For these reasons, a full one third of clinical space has been dedicated to surgical intervention. The remaining two-thirds of space is designed to provide preventative, and ongoing, monitoring and treatment. The population requiring these interventions makes up the majority of our clinical burden, but requires a much smaller clinical space for appropriate intervention. In fact, the majority of interventions can take place outside of the clinical space, where a full 130 of the 150 total square meters are dedicated to preventative medicine, nutritional education, and healthy lifestyle lessons. By integrating clinical space into community space, the barrier to access can be removed and healthcare can be delivered safely, effectively, and can generate dramatic improvements on health outcomes for the rural South East Asian population. The prefabricated core opens up to reveal circulation space and bold colours which are used to differentiate areas. Local building skills are then encouraged to create shading and rain protection elements for waiting areas. 

The design team traveled to Cambodia in October 2014 to assist with the beginning of construction and to finalize details.  While there they visited the site daily to check on progress and to resolve issues with the local construction crew.


Photos of the Moved 2 Care clinic under construction.  Photos of the rest of the trip can be found on Flickr.